Spring Creek Watershed Association has a new site!

Please begin using our new site located at Spring Creek Watershed Association.  This site will be taken down at the beginning of the new year.

Recent Activities

1.  Completed a survey of the environmental controls and programs already in effect in the municipalities of the Watershed.

2.  Produced a new Watershed map that highlights the water resources of the Watershed.  The purpose is to increase public awareness of these resources.

3.  Produced a model ordinance providing specifications for Borehole and Water Well Drilling.  Most municipalities of the Watershed have already adopted this ordinance.

4.  Established a workgroup to study the present status and future management of groundwater recharge throughout the Watershed.

5.  Sponsored a workshop on Sustainability presented by planners from the Brandywine Conservancy.

6.  Presented a sustainability workshop “Connecting the Built and Natural Environments: a Pathway to Sustainability.”

7.  Sent a letter to Rep. Babette Josephs, Chair of the House State Government Committee stating our position on the divestiture of Rockview Lands.

8.  Became a member organization of Renew Growing Greener and signed on to a letter to members of the Pennsylvania Senate urging a severance tax on natural gas extraction and allocation of some of those funds to the Growing Greener program.

9.  Submitted to the Upper/Middle Susquehanna Region technical committee a statement supporting with reservations the designation of the Spring/Nittany Creek Watershed as a Critical Water Planning Area under the State Water Plan.